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14.06.2024 13:19

#admin , seni kuni pole firmadel olevat raha limiiti tõstnud, seni pole minul isiklikult endiselt midagi teha :)

13.06.2024 15:39

Firmadele lisandus aktiivsus. Aktiivsetel mängijatel on nüüd võimalus arvestustes kõrgemale saada. Aktiivsusest oleneb firmadel aktsiate hind ja sellest tulevalt ka kõikide mängijate aktsiatega kauplemisel tehingute väärtus. Firmade aktiivsus võimaldab ka aktsiatega kaubeldes raha teenida, hind muutub suures osas protsentides.

07.06.2024 09:37

Selge. NNäeme siis kunagi.

trojan added the post to the forum 14.06.2022 21:00

Vead süsteemis

Triblx added the post to the forum 20.03.2022 12:37

Mida võiks muuta?

Triblx added the post to the forum 08.02.2022 13:25


ElonMusk added the post to the forum 06.02.2022 19:07

Mida teha liiga rikaste kasutajatega?

trojan added the post to the forum 28.06.2021 10:32




13.06.2024 15:40

Companies increased activity. Active players now have a chance to move up in the rankings. The price of the company's shares depends on the activity, and in the future also the value of transactions in the trading of shares of all players. The activity of companies also allows you to earn money by trading shares, the price changes mostly in percentages.


07.12.2023 11:22

Electricity, heating and social tax were added to the company's bills. Electricity is the hourly consumption of buildings and robots during production. Each hour is counted separately. The price of electricity comes from the real world electricity exchange. Heating is a cost for heating buildings. Social tax is calculated at 33% of the employee's salary. Bills change every hour and are due the following week.


21.11.2023 14:33

When ordering SMR money, ads and Google Analytics will be removed from the logged-in user for 30 days after the last order.


20.11.2023 15:10

A 51% or more share in the company allows you to set the share sizes for activities on the company settings page.


18.10.2023 09:12

Warehouse tax. If you have 101 or more warehouses. 101-999 warehouse opportunity to receive tax 1:10. 1,000+ warehouses have a 1:3 chance of getting paid. 101-999 warehouse tax amount 1 to 5. 1000+ warehouse tax amount 1 to 100. Everything is a random game of chance.


22.08.2023 11:22

All companies can now be bought without restrictions. At the moment, 51% of the shares open the owner's rights and activities in the company. Transactions with shares expire 11 months after purchase, after expiration they are immediately sold. Users are deleted 6 months after the last game visit. Shares of deleted users will be sold immediately.


02.08.2023 14:43

There is no longer a limit on adding a new company. Everyone can add as many companies as they want. When you create a new company, you immediately get 51% of the company's shares in your account.


01.08.2023 14:26

Companies become joint stock companies. Participation shows a lot, you have the right to participate in the management of the company. Participation is derived from the amount of shares owned.


01.08.2023 14:26

With one transaction, there is an opportunity to buy 51% of the company's shares. In total, it is possible to own 51% of the company's shares.


25.07.2023 13:16

Robots in companies are now related to production and the commodity in production. If there is no production, then the robot will no longer make a profit. In the absence of workers, raw materials or products, there is no production.


18.07.2023 13:51

Now the most recent activity is also taken into account in the "Top users" ranking. Every day without visiting the game will take -10% off the points. 10 days without entering the game equals 0 points. 1 day away from the game is -10% of points.


06.06.2023 11:50

When creating a new company, the owner now has 3 months to buy his first shares. After three months, all company shares will go to public market. After the purchase of the first shares, all remaining shares will be immediately on public market.


05.06.2023 17:46

The game will not be reset. The first 10 players in the top money table are still question marks. They have the opportunity to spend or share their own amount of over 1,000,000,000. It is possible for a player with more than a billion to create a tax or remove the excess money just like that. I would not like to remove the tax and money, but if there is nothing else left, I have to. A good recommendation is to buy companies that are losing money and bring them to profit with your own money. If you own 100% of the company's shares, you have the opportunity to own the company. There is no limit to the number of companies that can be purchased in this way.


01.02.2023 16:54

If you have significant problems with the Finance game and the user admin has not been logged in for a while, please send an e-mail about this problem to or visit and send your message from there.

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